Posted: Thursday 21st January 2021 in Summit.

‘Winning together for over 20 years’

It is true, I have been around the block several times both ‘client side’ and ‘agency side’, the latter part of my career on the agency side which affords me some clarity on how and why creating real partnerships work. On my travels around said block I have learnt an awful lot, both good and not so good, from setting up, enjoying mutual success, evolving, and inevitably finishing many partnerships. And it is from this journey have I learnt how to get the best, and give the best, as a business partner, something that is also baked in to our everyday lives at Summit. It is in our DNA.

Partnership has been central to joint success for millennia, here are some great quotes from different centuries!

The 2000s

Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning

Bill Gates

The 1900s

Finding good partners is the key to success in anything: in business, in marriage and, especially, in investing

Robert Kiyosak

c.400 BC

Joint undertakings stand a better chance when they benefit both sides


The latter by the ancient Greek playwright remains a maxim of mine today that I utter at least once a week within the walls of Summit. Something along the lines of “neither side can make like bandits or it just won’t work!”.

Being in a service industry for as long we have at Summit and getting through some very difficult economic and environmental times, we are certainly doing something right with our retail and technology partners. And although these are just the tip of the iceberg, below I have picked out 5 of the top reasons you should partner with Summit!

1. We are performance obsessed

We are dedicated to delivering measurable sales returns and ROI to our retail partners, every time.

One of the best things about working in a digital world is just how measurable everything is. Long gone are the days where there were only a few marketing channels to get your mission or product out there. And when judging the success was more about matching the footfall movement to an offline or above the line campaign or guessing whether that catalogue drop was responsible for sales uplifts when the customer didn’t quote the buzz word on the front cover. 

Today we can’t hide from report and measurement, and WE LOVE IT. Operating as performance obsessed as we are, whether your KPI is traffic, customer acquisition, media spend efficiency, conversion rate, revenue – you name it – we love the transparency that helps us to win and demonstrate how for our partners time and time again.

2. We live customer first and data led

When undertaking anything at Summit, we take on a customer first approach meaning that your customer is always at the centre of everything we do. From rigorous and fun partner onboarding and understanding your culture, history, ambitions, and customer personas, to building a unique understanding of your past, current and target customers, rooted in our proprietary research and behavioural forecasting – we live and breathe the data behind the decisions.

Our customer first approach runs right through Summit, from our content teams, through UX and design, to our customer strategy and journey team. We put your customer in the centre of everything, immersing ourselves in your data and delivering our own quantitative and qualitive research, ensuring your performance media experience for your customers is connected.

We are data led, not data driven. We collect, organise, and interpret the right data to inform our retail strategies, and then apply the outcomes to your business objectives with a retail lens developed with over 20 years of cross channel and retail experience.

3. We are devoted to partnership

As I mentioned at the top of this blog, we live and breathe partnership; we do not believe in imbalance or non-mutual benefit. From the moment we start a retailer client partnership we wrap around a dedicated Summit team that will stay with you, becoming an extension of your e-commerce and marketing team, passionately advocating your business within Summit. 

The relationships we develop and grow with our retail partners often last beyond the partnerships.  That can be quite some time as the average length of partnership in Summit is 5 years, more than double the industry average, something we are very proud of.

What’s more, we independently survey our client partners every 6 months asking for feedback on performance, service, relationships and ways of working; keeping checks on ourselves is important.

Our mission is “to make the complex simple and transparent” and we carry this through to our partner relationships also.      

4. We are experienced with scale

Whatever stage your business is at, whether a multinational FMCG household name or a direct to consumer start up, you are neither too big or too small for Summit and we would love to hear from you.

We are multi-category and multi-market with operating models that have a proven seamless integration to our retail partners’ businesses and that are able to drive immediate results. With offices in the UK and in the Czech Republic, and a loving parent company that operates from every continent, we understand local trends and nuances- and speak the languages too!

We don’t just partner with large brands either. Some of our clients are start ups where we help get their new business off the ground with everything from website development and channel advice, to branding and creative design. If we believe in you and you believe in us, we can bring a wealth of cross-channel, product and technical knowhow to your business. 

5. We have built award-winning technology

Last on my list is technology. Whilst we have access to and licences for some awesome technology across the retail and digital marketing spectrum, if we believe that the technology in the tech space or our stack does not work, could do better or is platform biased – we have built our own.

Our award-winning technology is used across our retailer partners from huge SKU general retailers and grocers, to single category e-commerce specialists, whether you’re in the UK or Australia, with every one of our retail partners having access to it including;

Forecaster, our award-winning budget planning and bid optimisation suite, pioneered with Argos and recently winning in a head-to-head with another industry heavyweight. You can read more about that successful case study here.

Productcaster and Feed Manager, the #1 in Europe for CSS comparison shopping sites and best in class platform agnostic feed management solution tool.

Purchase Predictor, our multi-channel demand planning platform, using search behaviour to forecast seasonal purchase intent of customers, by product, category, and event, enabling retailers to identify when/where to sell more.

E-commerce and performance marketing partners

Over the last 20 years we have grown internationally and partnered with some of the biggest brands in retail, helping them transform their online business, grow their customer base and make more money from retailing online.

We are more than just an agency; your team of dedicated Summiteers will welcome you into the extended Summit family and consequently spend every penny of your money as though it is our own.

We pride ourselves on our retail experience, our business agility, our genuine people and our proprietary technology, combining all of these with our performance marketing expertise to drive measurable value for you. If you would like some further information or a chat over a virtual coffee about how you could benefit from partnering with Summit, check out our services here or get in touch with us at [email protected].