Posted: Friday 8th January 2021 in Services.

‘Content isn’t king, it is the kingdom’

Slightly biased by me of course, but it is true. Content marketing is one of the most effective methods of growing audience engagement and building your brand’s presence. It is a must for all businesses.

As a content marketer, I spend every day creating great content for our clients to ensure they are present where the customer expects them to be. But, when you are doing a job you love, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

There are so many reasons to love content marketing I couldn’t possibly list them all, but below I’ve picked out our top 5!

1. It allows you to get your creative cap on

The best thing about content marketing for me is how creative you can get with it. From creating content calendars all the way through to carrying out effective content marketing campaigns, creativity is key in producing excellent content.

With content, you can let your imagination run wild (within reason, of course). You need to be producing content users haven’t seen before – something unique, interesting and what people want to see. Unique content is essential to helping our clients stand out from the crowd meaning getting our creative caps on is a must.

Creativity means you can ensure your content opportunities are delivered in a way that will excite users. And for me, it is not only exciting for the users, but exciting for myself delivering the work too!

2. It is all about engaging and building relationships with the users

When creating content at Summit, we take on a user-first approach meaning that the customer is at the centre of everything we do. What is the customer searching for? What does the customer want to read? What is the customer asking? When creating content for our clients we are constantly thinking about how we can engage with the customers. And as well as creating content to attract users, we need to think about how we can retain and strengthen that relationship with them.

Great content does not just stop after someone becomes a customer either. We need to continue to create content that provides value to them to help increase brand loyalty and encourage repeat sales.

Finding out what customers are looking for is an interesting and important part of content strategy. It is always intriguing to see what the current trending topics are and what users are wanting to find out. From here is where I would begin to plan our next content moves! It is important to provide answers to the user’s questions and in doing so build that trust with the user, resulting in them coming back for more.

3. Every day is a learning day

For some people, they see content marketing as just sitting and writing article after article, but for those of us who work in content, we know this is not the case. Content marketing is actually a fantastic learning opportunity and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t learn something new.

Every day I come across fresh, emerging topics that I get to find out more about. After all, how can we create great content without knowing the ins and outs of that specific subject? There is no crystal ball, we have to actively do the research, meaning we are learning at the same time.

Working across different clients also means different topics and subjects to create content about, which also means we get the chance to learn about them all. Exciting, right?

4. We target customers at all stages of the buying funnel

Another great thing about content marketing is how we can use different types of content to target customers at all stages of the buying funnel. If you are new to content marketing, there are four stages to the buying funnel – awareness, consideration, conversion and loyalty. I have detailed a little more about this below:

  • Awareness: the consumer first becomes aware of your business, website or products
  • Consideration: the consumer is in the decision-making process ahead of purchase
  • Conversion: the consumer converts by making a purchase (or completing a micro-conversion such as a newsletter signup)
  • Loyalty: the consumer returns and becomes a repeat customer or brand advocate

Each piece of content we create has a different goal, and that goal will be aligned to one of the above. By creating content aligned to all stages of the buying funnel, we make sure our clients are present exactly where they need to be during the customer’s buying journey- an absolute must to ensure you are always engaging with the customer and aligning with their intent.

5. Content allows us to show our expertise

The final one on the list is how great content can help show users our expertise in a specific field. When customers are researching online, they are more likely to go to a brand that shows they know everything about their industry. If a customer can trust the brand, they are more likely to return.

Content marketing allows us to demonstrate our knowledge by providing valuable content to users to help them answer their queries and make a purchasing decision if this is their intent.

Every new piece of content that is published shows our expertise in the area and if this provides the user with the information they need, they will see the brand as a trusted source and return.

Put it this way. if you were torn between which brand to go for, would you go for the one that consistently publishes valuable and informative content, or the one that provides little to no content? I think it is a no brainer!

As I said earlier, the list could go on, but I have to stop at some point! The above details just a few reasons why I love being a content marketer here at Summit. If you would like some further information about our content marketing or any other services here at Summit, get in touch with us today at [email protected].