Retail SEO – the Summit difference

Summit provides regular, actionable SEO reports

As the UK’s only retail-focused digital marketing and ecommerce specialists, we understand the problems you face in optimising your website(s) for the major search engines. And with over a decade’s experience in your sector, we know how to help you tackle these issues.

Summit can provide you with a comprehensive retail-led SEO strategy that accommodates your dynamically updated site(s) and rapidly changing product range. Our approach allows you to:

  • Maintain an expansive, high-turnover portfolio with associated SEO-friendly web pages
  • Target the most commercially viable categories and products
  • Develop seasonal content off-site for delivery at the right time
  • Adapt your SEO execution according to the lifecycle of your products

Retail SEO – Summit expertise

Audits and Health Checks

To ensure you maximise your ROI, we’ll make your online activities as cost-efficient and effective as possible. Our in-depth sector experience, extensive technical know-how and robust project management practices underpin the following SEO services:

  • On-page audit and 72-point best practice health check
    Identifies what you’re doing well and where there’s room for improvement – to help you maximise impact, extend your reach and achieve more conversions.
  • Secondary reporting on indexed pages and their ranking
    Allows you to understand why the search engines are indexing certain elements of your site – you can apply this learning to get higher rankings across more pages.
  • Innovative technology development
    Delivers the benefits of leading-edge technical advances, without the risk – you get proven technologies while we stay ahead of the curve and pass on innovations at the right time.
  • New site development and migration from existing site(s)
    Minimises the technical headaches associated with creating and launching a new site – you’re assured of a smooth process from specification to ‘go live’ (and beyond).
  • On-site consultancy and training
    Ensures that your SEO stakeholders are familiar with the latest webmaster tools – you keep up-to-speed thanks to our expertise in Google, Bing and other search platforms.

Retail SEO – Summit technologies

Spider Simulator

To help you gain competitive advantage, we continue to develop our own SEO technologies:

  • XML site map generator
    Produces a comprehensive listing of your entire site for search engine submission, and improves the visibility of your pages to visiting spiders.
  • Spider simulator
    Replicates the search engines’ view of your site architecture, so you can optimise your pages more effectively and achieve higher rankings.
  • Search landscape
    Measures the volume of listed keywords on ranked pages to determine your site’s current coverage, exposing new opportunities and giving you useful competitor benchmarking data.

 Retail SEO – Summit insight

Summit Insight and Analysis

Our statistical insight team supports your SEO decision-making by offering detailed analysis of your customers’ behaviour, plus campaign data for search and other marketing channels. We provide:

  • Brand search analysis
    Understand the role and/or influence of brand-specific search terms, and find out if your brand name contributes to each sale or merely acts as a form of navigation.
  • Multichannel analysis
    Measure the relative contribution of PPC and SEO to every sale you make, with our retail-specific attribution model.
  • Analysis of search engine developments
    Assess the SEO impact of changes to the search engines’ algorithms or layouts.
  • PPC insights
    Identify the high-volume keywords that convert well, plus the long-tail opportunities offering conversion with little competition.


SEO in practice – Hallmark Cards


Their challenge

In an increasingly competitive space, Hallmark Cards needed to improve its search engine ranking for keywords relating to its wide range of seasonal and special occasion gift cards.

Our solution

Our 72-point site audit identified significant factors preventing Hallmark from maximising its potential from natural search. We provided advice that enabled Hallmark to make major on page changes to significantly improve rankings.

The results

Our consultative approach to on page SEO enabled a significant improvement in search engine rankings, traffic and sales performance for both the and the sites.

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