We add value in 5 key areas

Online Strategy

We give you advice that helps you think differently about your business. We’ll help you develop the opportunities that online retailing offers. We’ll work with you to discover innovative ways of using technology, skills and data to grow your business and dominate your market. So while our thinking is challenging, it’s always focused on building your business.

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Ecommerce Technology

We develop Ecommerce technology that makes it easy for you to trade and a pleasure for your customers to shop. We understand the importance of technology in online retailing. And we have the expertise and resources to help you keep pace with your customers – and your competitors – as they adopt the latest innovations.

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Online Marketing

We deliver online marketing that brings people closer to your business. We understand the customer journey, the demands of a trading environment, and the importance of using the channels that are right for your business. So we can make sure you’re giving the right message to the right people at the right time, and always promoting products that are in stock and in season.

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We deliver online trading that ensures you’re always more appealing to customers than your competitors. We understand the importance of finding the right offer and proposition that will make shopping an interest and delight. That’s why we have an experienced trading team who can manage your entire online business for you or provide ideas on how to make it more likely that customers buy from you.

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Logistics & Service

We give advice that helps you create a service that will delight your customers, encouraging them to shop with you again. We believe the sale is only complete when it arrives safely in the hands of your customer. That’s why we help select the best partners that share the same high expectations. And when things don’t quite go to plan we know how to turn a problem into an opportunity.

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These form the Retail Value Chain: the DNA of successful online retailing…

Our staff, knowledge, experience and services are entirely organized around the retail value chain. This means that if you want to improve your online retailing, you’ll find the change making answers under one roof.

See the Retail Value Chain in action…