The Latest on Google’s Smart Annotations

By Georgia Chisem | Friday 28th February 2014

Smart Annotations

Smart Annotations are changes introduced by Google to its PPC Ad format.

And it appears to improve average click through rate by 9%, according to Google’s latest reports.

In practice it means an additional line of detail appears on the PPC Ad – showing detail such as size, colour and brand name.

The detail comes from the navigation bar of the client website.

Smart Annotations is in beta at the moment and only open to about 500 users worldwide, but in a meeting between Summit and Google, the search giant revealed it will undergo a wider roll out in a couple of months.

Prepare for Smart Annotations

PPC Training Manager Georgia Chisem has reviewed Google’s Smart Annotation changes and discussed them with Summit’s client management teams.

You can read the blog posts we’ve written here: Google’s Latest PPC Update, Smart Annotations, Increases Search Page Real Estate and Summit Discovers New Brand Name References in PPC Ads.

There’s limited action proactive retailers and PPC teams can take until the wider roll out, but Georgia offers this advice:

  • Monitor your paid search ads and look out for anomalies
  • Make sure your site navigation is well-structured
  • Update Google on any trademark terms you’re whitelisted for
  • This will ensure they can be shown within the ad should they be relevant or appear on that page