Summit’s Tech Development Centre in Prague

By Summit | Monday 1st September 2014

Summit in Czech Republic

Summit’s dedicated ecommerce development team is based in Prague in the Czech Republic and you can see them and their office premises in this video.

Watch the video and you’ll see how friendly everyone is, and get an insight into the work that goes on there.

The Prague base houses developers, architects, support teams, managers – all the components required to build and maintain cutting edge retail websites.

Prague Offices

The Prague office premises are bright and roomy, occupied by enthusiastic and motivated staff.

You’ll see from the video that there is a central corridor with work spaces and meeting rooms along its length. Each of these rooms has a theme reflecting one of the many countries with which we work: from Argentina to UK and from Chile to India.

Aside from the company’s values and behaviours, and perks including staff breakfasts, regular social events, and contribution towards an ‘Experience for Life’, the ‘family atmosphere’ is one of the biggest benefits.

What does ‘family atmosphere mean? It’s all about the friendliness, support, warmth and supportive atmosphere that allows staff to work to their full potential.

If you’re from Czech Republic, or you’re a Czech speaker, visit our Czech site here. Join Summit today. Take a look at our UK career opportunities here and our Czech career opportunities here.