Street Survey 014: Would you mind a retailer tracking your smartphone to monitor your in-store activity?

By Summit | Friday 2nd August 2013

In-store Mobile Tracking

How would you feel being tracked by your smartphone’s wifi signal as you walked around a store – revealing where you went and how long you spent in various areas?

Data could show the route you used to explore the store and how long you spent at each place you stopped.

This wifi beacon-tracking technology is already in use in the US, where it is starting to attract attention, and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes widespread here in the UK.

In this week’s Summit Street Survey shoppers discussed their feelings about this technology, revealing they were mostly fine about it.

Survey Question: Consumers and In-store Mobile Tracking

The survey question was: How would you feel about shopping in a store that tracked you in that way?

We also asked them about the if they had any expectations of something in return for allowing their activity to be tracked in this way.

Responses: In-Store Mobile Tracking is Inevitable

Watch the video to find out, but the younger the shopper, the less they cared. In fact they appeared to be positive and in favour of this technology.

There was also a sense that this kind of monitoring will inevitably come to the UK and we’ll all get used to it and stop worrying about it.

And of course, the older the shopper, the more cautious the reaction to this question.

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