Slow websites cost UK retailers £8.5 billion

By Summit | Tuesday 3rd December 2013

Shocking Report

Summit’s report entitled, ‘£8.5 billion down the drain: the real cost of slow websites to UK retail’, makes for shocking reading.

It doesn’t pull its punches in explaining the negative impact of slow load speeds and pointing out that billions of pounds in revenue simply vanishes.

For example, a retailer turning over £10 million online could lose more than £1 million in revenue if they have a slow website. Download the report here.

The Cost of a Slow Site

Waiting for a website to load should be a thing of the past now that we have Broadband internet throughout the country.

But a huge number of retail websites are loading far too slowly – sometimes more than double the industry’s 3-second-page load benchmark.

This frustrates shoppers and makes it more likely they’ll move onto the next website…taking their money with them.

New research from ecommerce specialist Summit reveals more than 9 out of ten of shoppers’ favourite retail websites fall into this slow load category.

Summit’s Performance Checker

Summit developed Performance Checker to enable anyone to test a website’s page load speed – and made it available to everyone. Find the Performance Checker here.

We used Performance Checker to test four key pages of each website: Home, Search, Category and Product.

We tested during peak and off peak times across three days, giving us a total of 24 results for each website.

The results were analysed and compiled in a detailed report, which includes information on:

  • Differences between speed of 4 key pages
  • Performance during peak and off-peak
  • Average website performance across sectors
  • Test Your Site

    This report reveals insight vital to retail. Any company that still thinks load time is a technical issue should now think again.

    Download the full report today to get all the insight and test your site performance using the Summit eCommerce Performance Checker