Retail Buzz 004: Retailers can profit from growth in tablet use

By Summit | Friday 23rd August 2013

Opportunity in Tablet Growth

The Year of the Tablet is 2013. We’re living it!

Last year was the Year of the Smartphone, but figures for growth in sales and use of tablets suggest this year will be a tablet year.

For example, Ofcom, the UK’s communications watchdog, reported that a quarter of British households now owns a tablet.

And that growth is likely to continue.

The UK’s High Street retail giant Argos felt the full force of the tablet over Christmas 2012 and Digital Marketing Controller Matt Roberts mentions it during an interview at the recent 2013 Ecommerce Future Conference.

How Retailers can Capitalise on Growth in Tablet Use

Chris Rushe, Client Director from online retail marketing and ecommerce specialist Summit, offers retailers advice on how to get the most out of the tablet.

He says retailers should make time for urgent discussion of the potential from the tablet, they should make sure their sites are responsive to the tablet device and that the user experience taps into the immersive, tactile nature of surfing on a tablet.

Watch Matt Roberts, Digital Marketing Controller at High Street retail giant Argos, discuss how company strategy and success

Ofcom press release

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