Retail Buzz 002: Advice on Automatic Upgrades to Google’s Enhanced Campaigns

By David Trolle | Friday 2nd August 2013

Enhanced Campaign Advice

Google’s Enhanced Campaigns were introduced in February 2013, and we’ve been encouraged to migrate our Adwords activities to this new system.

Well, now time is up! We’ve had the warnings and finally, on Monday 22nd July, Google announced began its automatic upgrade process.

Google estimates that there are about 2 million legacy campaigns that will be upgraded in a process that commentators expect to take place over a number of weeks.

This Retail Buzz item addresses the issue of the auto upgrade and gives some advice on how to respond.

Retail Buzz 002: Advice on Google’s Automatic Upgrade Process

Look into the default settings if your accounts have been subject to the automatic upgrade, says Dave Trolle, Head of Direct Response at Summit, a specialist in online retail marketing and ecommerce.

He said his teams at Summit began notifying clients and manually upgrading accounts after the initial launch of Enhanced Campaigns.

Their two main goals were to build up a relevant quality score and to avoid any unexpected hike in costs to clients.

After that, Dave advises checking that you’re not paying for mobile clicks if that’s not a part of your strategy, and making sure you have set up an optimal bid price on tablet and desktop.

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