Explore the future of retail in The Tomorrow Store

By Summit | Thursday 27th June 2013

Find out what future changes in retail – driven by the convergence of data, technology and consumer behaviour – will mean for your business.

It’s all down to Generation 4C (the creative, collaborative, conversational and critical) for whom there is no barrier between what’s instore and what’s online.

This presentation features killer stats, fascinating insights and case studies from visionary experts Martin Raymond and Chris Sanderson, co-founders and Strategy and Insight Directors at The Future Laboratory.

This session was delivered during the 2013 eCommerce Futures Conference, held on Wednesday 12th June at the British Museum.


We’ve broken down the video content by timings for your convenience. Click the Show More tab underneath the YouTube video player for the links to all these timings.

Presentation Highlights

00’00”: Introduction
00’44”: Mega-systems
01’03”: Movie – Strange Days
04’00”: Changing the nature of shopping
04’59”: Platforms deliver benefit
06’04”: Marketplaces continue to grow
07’00”: Case study: Apple
07’55”: Turning social media into commercial gain
08’47”: Tangible and intangible products
10’25”: 21st century of retail
11’25”: Focus on younger customers
12’50”: Convenience in retail
14’15”: The network effect – retail examples
15’27”: Connectivity – retail impact
16’36”: Personal information economy
19’03”: The next thing for big data
21’26”: Changing face of the store environment
22’15”: Tactic – Showrooming
24’55”: Retail – no middle ground
27’28”: Tactic – Gated retail
30’12”: Stores fight back with experiential
32’00”: Movie – Total retail
33’24”: Knowing our customers
35’10”: Payment methods
37’11”: Social selling
38’31”: Movie – Card Case
40’31”: New payment formats
41’33”: Movie – Tesco in Korea
42’02”: Phy-gital
42’40”: Seamless retail teams
43’08”: Predictive retail
44’32”: Instore – facial recognition
47’01”: Recommendations