The value of Google Shopping in the marketing mix

Posted: Friday 16th March 2012 in Paid Media, Thought Leadership.

Retailers need to understand the value of Google Shopping

How do you use and manage product feeds within your business? It’s a question all retailers need to ask themselves if they’re going to get the most out of their feeds. We speak to current and prospective clients about this each week and one of the most obvious omissions in their answers is Google Shopping.

The truth of the matter is that many retailers are not aware of how to improve their Google Shopping listings and see any talk of it as a digital dark art when in fact it’s just good business. Here’s why I think you need to understand the value of Google shopping:

It’s a Hidden Treasure in your Marketing Mix

The use of Google Shopping is widespread and no one is going to achieve competitor or industry advantage by simply implementing your product feed on Google. However, how many of your competitors are taking Google Shopping feeds seriously? Treating your feed as a managed service and optimising your listings effectively will benefit its performance in the long term.


It’s a Low Cost Acquisition Channel

Google shopping is free so in an industry of low cost acquisition – and in a struggling economy – it makes sense to make the most of the opportunities this feed offers.


It’s the Perfect Opportunity to Boast about Price

If your competitive advantage is price-led then Google Shopping is a perfect opportunity to place your product alongside the feeds of your competitors.


It’s a Barrier to Entry that Can Be Overcome

Google Shopping’s barrier to entry is the difficulty retailer’s face in gaining results from the tool. At Summit, we ensure the feed is fit for purpose as purpose and as per Google’s specifications as part of the setup phase leaving our Google Shopping Optimisation module (within our Stingray tools suite) to remove this barrier and allow you to get sufficient return on investment.