Posted: Friday 1st March 2019 in Automotive, News.

GDR Consulting, a globally respected retail thinktank, opened the event with an overview of leading innovations from retailers globally, demonstrating how brands that have embraced a customer centric approach and a disruptor attitude are growing through innovation. The most successful brands are not only focusing on a digital strategy but use technology to enable the right consumer experience.

Next, we followed through with Insight Director, Nick King from AutoTrader who provided a highly relevant look at what good really looks like in automotive and how that benchmark has moved so rapidly. The ability to put a consumer at the heart of the journey brings much needed advocacy to the experience.

Innovation Bubble, a behavioural psychology insights agency, shared insights from a recent study commissioned by Summit Automotive for a global OEM. These insights included the psychology behind some of the key moments that matter in the car buying journey, the importance of simplification in the process of choice, how to ‘nudge’ a customer to make a choice that feels safe and informed, removing the risk from a decision and making it easier to build a human connection in a process that can take place online and offline.

Those who attended our event enjoyed the ability to network and meet fellow industry leaders and speak one to one with our key speakers on the day. With this said, attendees felt like it was a big enough event to network and intimate enough to really delve into deeper discussions with key attendees and speakers.

We recently hosted the vibrant event at our office in Golden Square, London to an audience of OEMs, retailers, platforms and tech providers to share what’s happening in global retail. Key topics were addressed which we, as automotive specialists, should be aware of as we develop technology to enable retailing online and offline to improve the customer journey for a car buying consumer.

Consumers shop everywhere and are exposed to an increasingly improved experience in other sectors, which are heightening shoppers’ expectations across all sectors and all channels, including automotive.

Want to see highlights from the event?

Watch the ‘best bits’ from our Leaders in Automotive event from 27 February 2019.  

We’ll be uploading our Live Stream of the event soon.