Summit recognised as a top 10 elite agency in the UK

Posted: Wednesday 24th September 2014 in Events and Awards, News.
The Drum Digital Census 2014

The Drum Digital Census 2014

Summit has been recognised as one of the UK’s Top 10 elite digital marketing agencies in a Digital Census published by The Drum magazine this month. 

The Digital Census provides a comprehensive review of the digital marketing landscape in the UK. The Drum magazine compiled three polls based on financial results, client satisfaction and peer reviews. Those agencies that appeared in all three polls are then compiled in an Elite table where they’re ranked against the performance of their peers to determine their position in the table. Summit appears 9th in the elite table, 9th in the client satisfaction table, 11th in the peer reviews table and 39th in the financial results table.

Hedley Aylott, CEO and Co-founder of Summit said, “It’s marvellous to see the wealth of positive feedback the agency received from our clients and peers that lead to our great rankings in those tables. Summit has been built on the back of ’trusted partner’ customer relationships and service. I am proud of commitment and passion my staff bring to our clients every day, and the transformation in their business performance.”

 The Elite table can be viewed here

 You can access the full report here