Posted: Monday 3rd July 2017 in Events and Awards.

At Summit we believe in thinking differently. We help people to reach their full potential, to be the best person they can be. This is an important part of our values, because our clients rely on us to transform their businesses and make the unbelievable happen. We make this possible through our amazing teams, who always go the extra mile. So it only seems fitting, that the annual Summit Oscars recognises and rewards staff for their contribution throughout the business each year. Individuals are awarded for their achievements, and it’s also a fantastic opportunity to bring everyone together from the Summit offices. The awards span across many categories including ‘’Summiteer of the Year’’ and ‘’Best Project’’. With everyone in black tie or evening gowns, the evening is a fun and glamorous affair.

The celebrations take place at our beautiful Albion Mills office, which is the perfect venue for the ceremony. The night kicks off with drinks and canape’s in the garden. The guests, bubbling with anticipation, are then ushered through to the Great Hall for the Awards Ceremony.

The night begins with the award for ‘’Best Newcomer’’, which celebrates the new Summiteer of the year. This is followed by the ‘’Outstanding Contribution to the Business’’ award, which celebrates the individual who continues to deliver the best possible service for our clients and driving forward Summit’s goals. This is followed by the ‘’Contribution to the Office’’, and the ‘’Best Project’’ awards.

In Oscars tradition, in the week leading up to the event, everyone gets a chance to nominate the person who they think deserves each award. The nominations are then shortlisted by our judging panel, with the shortlist and winners announced on the night. What is great about the Oscars is that everyone is acknowledged for their contribution, and emphasis is placed on the fantastic teamwork.

In fact, one of the most coveted awards is for the ‘’Team of the Year’’ which recognises the efforts of the high performers and innovators in the past twelve months. This is closely followed by the awards for ‘’Best Client Development’’, “Trailblazer of the Year’’ and ‘’International Summiteer of the Year’’ which are voted for across our UK and Prague offices.

The Oscar’s Game-show is also a crowd pleaser and this year it was presented by Summit hosts Chris Boon and Tom Pickard. The Game-show was based on the BBC Comedy Panel Show ‘’Would I Lie To You’’ in which four of our Summiteers were instructed to tell a revealing story which was either true or false. This was one of the most entertaining segments of the evening, as the audience struggled to guess which story was the most likely and vote accordingly.

The evening came to a full crescendo with the awards for ‘’Summiteer of the Year’’, ‘’Changemaker of the Year’’ and the ‘’Long Standing Award’’ (rewarded to Summiteers who have been part of the team for 5 years). Thanks to all of the hard work and efforts of the event organisers, this year’s Oscars were a resounding success, and we very much look forward to the next one!