Summit launch new BCC website

Posted: Friday 9th March 2012 in eCommerce Technology, Events and Awards, News.

New ecommerce website for Dutch electronics retailer BCC

As part of their work with the KESA Electricals Group, Summit has launched the new ecommerce website for Dutch electronics retailer BCC.

Led by our online technology team, the launch of the new Magento Enterprise-powered website is the first stage in the replatforming and redesigning of seven KESA Electricals sites as the group looks to centralise the ecommerce platform for their pan-European electrical subsidiaries.

Our work with KESA and BCC started in June last year when Summit’s online technology and marketing teams worked alongside the clients senior management to understand what they wanted to achieve with their new website as they looked to improve their standing within a very competitive Dutch electronics market. The key takeout from these initial sessions was BCC’s desire to deliver a new ecommerce website changes that would ensure their service was faster, their customers were happier and their overall online operation was better than their competitors.

Following the launch, we are continuing to work closely with BCC on their development roadmap, their online marketing strategy and their conversion goals to truly drive retail success to their new website.