Summit identifies new brand names reference in PPC ads

Posted: Thursday 27th February 2014 in News, Paid Media, Thought Leadership.
Change to PPC ad listings

Summit have spotted a change in Google’s PPC ad listings

What has happened?

Our Client Management Team here at Summit has spotted a change in Google’s PPC ad format. The latest release from Google shows an additional line pulling different brands through into the PPC ad from the retailer’s site. Over the next few weeks we hope that this enhancement will help to improve our click through rate and more importantly our conversion rate.



Google's new PPC ads show brand names

Google’s latest change to PPC ads pulls in brand information from retailers’ sites

An update from Google suggests that this ad addition was automatically launched to around 500 UK advertisers in the last few days. Kane Firek, a member of the Homebase team at Summit, spotted the additional line in his client’s PPC ad yesterday when carrying out his daily business as usual tasks.

What does it mean?

Google has advised that this additional line is automatically pulled from the landing page, specifically the navigation categories, helping to make the ad more relevant.
Pilot results for Google have been positive with reports of a 9% average CTR improvement.
A further benefit of this additional line in the PPC ad, despite the fact that it is not clickable, is that it will provide potential customers even more information about what to expect when they click the ad, specifically the brands which are on offer on site.
Although reporting isn’t currently available it is due to be launched in a month’s time, giving us a clearer understanding of the impact that this change has on ad performance.

What should you do?

At the moment this new release is only available to a select 500 Google advertisers, but is being rolled out further over the coming month. Keep an eye on your ads so you know when the new format has reached your ads.
Make sure your site navigation is clear as this is where the brand names are taken from.
Ensure you have updated Google on any trademark terms which you are whitelisted for to ensure they can be shown within the ad, should they be relevant or appear on that page.

We’ll be publishing updates as we discover them, so stay tuned for more info.


If you’ve got a question about the changes in Google’s sponsored ad listings we’d be more than happy to answer it. Contact Dave Trolle, Head of Direct Response.