Summit helps Maisons du Monde maximise online sales from TV ads

Posted: Tuesday 21st October 2014 in News, Retail Strategy.

Masions du Monde Soyez-Fous-Soyez-Vous campaign site

Summit have delivered a campaign site that connects shoppers with Maisons du Monde’s  new TV ad with the aim of converting the dual screening audience into buyers.

Maisons du Monde is a leading furniture and décor retailer in France with more than 200 stores across Europe. The retailer has invested in a significant television campaign that invites people to celebrate and indulge their personal tastes and style in home decorating.

With a vibrant TV campaign that inspires action Maisons du Monde needed a site that reflected this and made it easy for a viewer to become an explorer and ultimately a buyer. Summit developed the concept of a campaign site that brings the vibrancy of the ads to life online creating a playroom that invites visitors to explore their tastes through an immersive journey. Visitors navigate the site by choosing the advertisement (video content) or style (campaign images) they like with each featuring a page with the various furniture and décor to recreate that look. Buy now buttons on each product connect the user to the transactional site to purchase.

The Maisons du Monde “Soyez Fous, Soyez Vous” TV campaign and site went live in France on 17th October 2014 and will operate through till Christmas. The campaign and was created in collaboration with BDDP Unlimited.

If you’d like to know more about how Summit can help you maximise your TV campaigns online please contact Ben Latham on 01482 876 876.