Summit attend the Affiliate Window Super Games 2012

Posted: Monday 11th June 2012 in Events and Awards, News, Performance Marketing.

The Summit Superstars and The Criteo Tangerines

Why did we attend?

We saw this as a great way to introduce Summit’s London office to the rest of the capital and we also find it very difficult to turn down a challenge.


Who attended from Summit?

David Trolle      –           Head of Acquisition

David Ayre        –           Head of Affiliates

John Godwin     –           Creative Director

Neil Collins        –           Client Director

Darren Moss     –           Client Director

Russ Crooks     –           Senior Client Manager

Were we ready for it?

Not really, we had a couple of last minute drop-outs due to illness and workload which meant we had to draft in Stef Colley from Affiliate Window to join the team. On top of that, the fitness levels of the team are not what they once were. All this combined led us to decide on the theme song for our team to be D.Ream, ‘Things can only get better’.

20 teams attended in total meaning a top 10 place was our aim for the day. We were pretty confident about football but had little-to-no experience of netball, dodgeball, bowls or table tennis.

Upon entering the Play On Sports centre at Canary Wharf we quickly realised that other teams had come better equipped; with team strips, drinks bottles and a far better looking set of athletes than us. As other teams we warmed up we deliberated about which teams looked weakest and who we would prefer to face.

How did we do?

We started off with netball and other than Stef none of us had played netball for at least 15 years. Needless to sayQuidco spotted our key weaknesses (Dave Ayre & I in defence) and with their height advantage managed to beat us 5-1. In hindsight we had not picked a team very capable of winning this challenge but considering Quidco had a hurdler who could jump higher than most of our heads then just scoring a point was consolation enough.

Next up was football, we were very confident here as both Neil & John still play regularly whilst Russ is a bit of a wizard on the ball. O2 came out onto the pitch looking less confident than us and we quickly take advantage of this going 1-0 up in the first minute. We missed a hatful of chances but still won 10-0 with Russ getting man-of-the-match.

Table Tennis versus BskyB was next. We had 4 players involved this time, Neil, Russ, John & David T. Unfortunately only Neil could manage to get a win here but Dave’s excuse that his opponent ‘had a table in his loft’ gave us all a laugh.

We played Criteo at bowls and Neil Collins was our star man here. We eventually lost 2-1 but both points lost went down to the last bowl. This was our most demoralising defeat.

Last up was Dodgeball against The AA. We lined up not really knowing what was ahead of us but managed to come out 5-1 winners. The highlight of the match was David T on his own at the end of one of the points where he battled hard but could not finish off the AA on his own.

Would We Recommend it?

Definitely, we had a great time and the after-party at the Henry Addington Pub was a great chance to meet the people we had pitted our skills against all day. We will definitely be entering next year but ideally with a bit more practice beforehand.