Summit and Comet win 2009 Econsultancy award for innovation

Posted: Friday 11th December 2009 in Events and Awards, News.

Left to right: Neil Collins, Ryan Thomas, Hedley Aylott & Ben Latham celebrate receiving the award

11 December 2009

Summit and Comet have won Econsultancy’s 2009Innovation in Paid Search/PPC Award for their use of Summit’s Portfolio Manager to harness the long tail of search.

An integral part of Stingray, Summit’s tracking, reporting and marketing toolkit, Portfolio Manager keeps Comet’s PPC adverts and keywords accurate to the minute in relation to stock, price, availability, margin and customer reviews.

Its rules engine creates and optimises ‘long tail’ campaigns automatically against Comet’s business information (margin and stock) received in its daily product feed.

Portfolio Manager is the only technology available to UK retailers that lets them sync their warehouse with their PPC campaigns on all major search engines — in real time.

As a result, Comet is able to drastically increase its reach across key categories whilst maintaining its desired cost of sale – and achieved all this within the first 48 hours of going live. These results are particularly significant as Comet’s key objectives for PPC were to increase reach and sales volumes whilst maintaining margin.

The Econsultancy judging panel said Summit had “used the power of the long tail of search to expose the stock sitting in Comet’s warehouses delivering truly innovative integration with a traditional retailer.”

Neil Collins, online marketing manager at Comet Group PLC said: “Portfolio Manager’s use of product feeds to power search campaigns has transformed our approach to PPC and delivered a step change in results within just 48 hours of going live.”

Hedley Aylott, managing director of Summit, said: “The numbers we’ve delivered for Comet and the fact that we won this award clearly proves that Portfolio Manager is the market-leading search tool for retailers and can transform their opportunity in PPC.”

“We relish the opportunity to compete with agencies ‘perceived’ to be leading the market and this award validates that our technology and approach stand head and shoulders above them.”

Peter Fitzgerald, Industry Leader, Retail at Google UK said: “Since businesses must bid on hundreds of thousands to millions of terms to successfully mine the long tail of shopping searches, technology is the only solution. Taking a product feed and turning it quickly into a powerful way to drive new customers and profitable sales is a significant achievement.”

Summit’s entire client base also benefits from the award-winning value Portfolio Manager delivers and it will be an integral part of the company’s new business strategy.