Should online marketing go it alone?

Posted: Tuesday 4th September 2012 in Retail Strategy, Thought Leadership.

Is it time to ditch offline?

During the recession we have seen a higher percentage of marketing budget driven online. The reasons behind this are well known: it’s easier to track, delivers against a tight ROI and is directly accountable for the sales it delivers to the retailer. But offline delivers great reach and offers strong brand awareness.  But should we ditch offline just yet?

Is offline still important?

A hot topic within the industry today is attribution modelling, moving away from a last-click-wins model to reward clicks that occur further up the purchase funnel. This increases reach and allows activity at the start of the sales journey to be rewarded for part of the sale.

We can also add TV – which we still class as a broadcast channel – to the offline mix and ask what role this plays in delivering sales to online marketing channels.

We have seen a very strong correlation between TV and Search or Direct to Site, where the advertisement is specifically focused on promoting the website, but not when the message has been focused on offline stores.

 “…nearly 40% of online searchers make a purchase after being influenced by an offline channel.” eConsultancy

Key considerations for a cross-channel campaign

Knowing that the majority of sales happen online within an hour of the user seeing an advertisement on TV, here is a list of tips to help align your online and offline marketing:

  1. Standardise your message across all platforms – ensure your brand pay per click ads and homepage are aligned with your offline message to ensure familiarity.
  2. Increase activity tightly around ad spots – upweight online marketing activity within the hour of your peak offline ad slots.
  3. Ensure the call to action is focused towards the website – your offline ad needs to give a clear reason why the user should visit your site.
  4. Agree a single goal for online and offline – ensure you create a single through-the-line marketing plan with a clear objective.
  5. Agree a testing model using insight to measure success before starting the campaign – what does success look like, and which components of the campaign do you want to isolate within your research?

My list of tips is by no means exhaustive; I’d love to hear your tips on aligning online and offline marketing.

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