As the growth of programmatic media buying and social platforms has skyrocketed over the last 10 years, here at Summit we have developed our own approach to using the platforms while remaining focused on our customer centric purpose. We are platform agnostic meaning we use the right platform for the task at hand. Whether that be increasing visibility, driving improved customer engagement or maximising ROI.

Our approach to display & paid social

Our approach to paid social and display is customer centric, putting the needs of the customer at the heart of our planning. We ask ourselves key questions in order to drive the right results aligned to your objectives. This is typically done in 3 key stages. 

  • Audience identification – who are my target audiences? Why should I target them? 
  • Message alignment – What story do we want to tell them? What will engage them? 
  • Environment – where can I find my target audience? When are they online? How do they use your content? 

This then forms the building blocks of our activity which is underpinned by KPIs across the customer journey to ensure the best results. 

What is included in our services?

  • Existing account audits 
  • Audience identification 
  • Media planning and execution 
  • Creative testing & optimisation 
  • Best practice implementation 
  • Audience management 
  • Reporting & measurement 
We put the needs of the customer at the heart of our planning.

How do we support other channels?

Our typical approach focuses on a holistic view across the marketing channels, so we can align our message and communicationsDatadriven via social and display, plays a key role in our paid search and shopping audience activity. The data enables us to react to customer signals derived from our activity and means we can continue to talk to audience segments individuallyfocusing on the customer and their purchase history and intent signals. 

Moreover, it is about aligning with all other elements of our retail partners programme to drive better results across their ecosystem. 

What makes our service unique?

Our specialists make us uniqueAnd their retail experience and understanding of how retailers operate give us the edge over our competitorsPerformance driven marketing is at our core and we are not distracted from this, always ensuring we drive customer outcomes and not our own internal workflows to make campaign management easier.

Ultimately, we work with our retail partners, not for them; we win together and lose togethermeaning we genuinely care about our performance. Our knowledge of the industry and the platforms that make up the eco system is where our specialists excel. 


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