Send an email, save a basket

Posted: Thursday 7th April 2011 in Paid Media, Thought Leadership.

Mitigate basket abandonment with relevant and timely triggered emails

Understanding why a customer would jump ship before clicking ‘buy’ is important. Are delivery costs too high? Are customers bouncing from checkout to price comparison site? Is customer service great until the last click?Cart abandonment has always been an issue for online retailers; which means we’re always looking at ways to minimise it. We’re a retail specialist, so getting a customer over the finishing line, and confirming a sale, is always our ultimate goal.

The answer to these questions can help reduce the chances of cart abandonment.

Even so, abandonments will still happen. And they can often be saved with a single, simple email. As well as reminding customers about an unfinished transaction, using email can also demonstrate a service-led approach. Which is never a bad thing.

The timing and tone of an abandonment campaign email is key to saving a basket and (hopefully) generating potential future purchases. You just need to figure out the right fit for your customers. Some may be converted by a simple reminder. For others, a time-limited offer – free delivery perhaps? – may bring them into the fold.

But always remember: one man’s friendly reminder is another’s irritating marketing ploy. Tread carefully.