Summit Scorecard

Top 50 UK Retailers' Online Performance

Summit Scorecard Top 50 UK Retailers' Online Performance

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Join the UK’s leading retailers (including Argos, Halford’s, and Signet) as well as industry peers for our special breakfast event at 8am, 21st February at Summit Square in Soho, London.


What is Scorecard?

Using proprietary diagnostic tools and scoring criteria, we have reviewed the online performance of the UK’s Top 50 retailers against four customer centric questions. These four questions represent the total customer experience across all aspects of the online retail journey and are highly correlated to growth and profitability for a retailer

  • eCommerce technology – How easy is it to buy from you?
  • Online marketing – How close are you to your customers?
  • Trading – How appealing are you to your customers?
  • Logistics and services – Do you delight your customers?

We call this set of activities the online retail value chain and have scored each retailer against a total set of 171 weighted criteria. This comparison of 10,602 data points was combined with mystery shopping every retailer to create our league table.

Download the Summit Scorecard to get:

  • The league table showing who came out on top and who needs to improve
  • A view of current online retail market performance including data and insights
  • Practical advice and opportunities to improve