Retail Week: Good Site, Bad Site

Posted: Friday 3rd June 2011 in eCommerce Technology, News, Retail Strategy.

Good Site: iTunes/App Store

Apple makes it far too easy to separate me from my money, with a transaction process that is almost invisible. Whether I’m shopping for music or iPhone and iPad apps, the iTunes ecosystem is pretty much flawless and a model of simple but effective retail.

If I’m shopping for music I always like to see what other people with similar tastes to my own have bought; it opens me up to new music and always leads to my buying songs I’ve never heard before.

My iTunes library is full of impulse purchases based on recommendation: great songs by fantastic artists I would never previously have listened to.

Bad site: and

I am the founder of the White Rose Polo Club and I was recently shopping online for a tractor using my iPad. New Holland and John Deers are the two biggest names in tractor sales – yet I couldn’t access either site due to their reliance on Flash.

Any company that makes any assumptive requirements to use their web site – a desktop system, the latest version of Internet Explorer, a high-resolution screen etc – is setting themselves up for failure. But that’s precisely the attitude sites requiring Flash have. Or maybe they can afford to turn away potential customers at the door?