How much profit will you make tomorrow?
With Forecaster we can show you.

Forecaster is a multi-channel performance marketing platform designed and built by Summit. Using predictive analytics, Forecaster is able to tell retailers and brands exactly how much, where and when to spend their online marketing budget across PPC, PLAs and Display. By analysing these channels, learning from the market and studying how customers behave, it makes accurate decisions about where and when to invest a performance marketing budget to make the greatest profit. See what Argos have to say about the impact Forecaster has had on their performance marketing in the short video below.





Predictive analytics
in online marketing.


Profit from the

Profit from the Future with Forecaster

  • More profitable performance marketing – Increase margins by optimising against future campaign performance
  • Never over or underspend again – Use scenario planning to establish accurate budgets and forecast revenue across
    PPC, PLAs and Display
  • Beat the competition – Synchronise online campaigns with customer buying triggers like TV ads, weather and
    seasonality in real time
  • Improve efficiency – Automated campaign management and reporting
  • It’s easy – Simple set up using your existing data feeds. You’ll be up and running within three weeks

The most advanced decision making platform on the market

Forecaster’s accuracy is driven by its ability to take in a variety of data from key customer buying triggers such as weather, seasonality, location, TV ads and buyer demographics. This data is used to optimise bids and creative in near real time ensuring that the right ad is published in the right channel at the right time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Forecaster Works

Piles of money

It’s already delivered over a billion pounds of sales to retailers.



Bar graph increasing in value

Increased margins by an average of 35%.

line graph increasing in value

Forecaster performance to a 95% confidence interval.