Changemakers for La Redoute

Forecaster goes head-to-head and wins comprehensively

Summit started working with La Redoute in March 2020, putting Summit’s performance marketing platform, Forecaster, to the test against their existing technology provider. The result? Over the trial period, Forecaster generated 6% more revenue from 12% less ad spend than their competitor. A first of its kind for Forecaster, this head-to-head trial not only exceeded expectations for La Redoute but has cemented Forecaster’s position as one of the leading marketing intelligence platforms in driving ROI for retailers.

The 8-week optimisation trial started in 2020 and was an opportunity for Summit to showcase Forecaster’s award-winning capabilities and drive strong performance. Using test and control groups for both ‘Home’ and ‘Clothing’ categories, the Forecaster team were able to improve efficiencies, save budget and drive maximum return on investment versus their existing technology provider.

Forecaster technology uses predictive analytics to help retailers understand exactly where, when and how much of their online marketing budget should be spent across PPC and Shopping activity. It makes informed decisions based on historical search engine and performance data, optimising at a keyword level by device, day, and audience list.

To display this for La Redoute, the Forecaster experts split grouped campaigns with similar overall cost and revenue metrics over the previous 30-90 days. For the test to be fair, Summit kept cost consistent between the two groups as the controlling variable, removing any highly seasonal or volatile campaigns from the trial to provide fair representation within each category and across each platform.

To ensure communication was consistent, the Forecaster team hosted full immersion sessions and regular weekly calls, providing a dedicated support team who offered wider industry updates and best practice advice throughout.

“We put Forecaster against our existing provider in a head-to-head trial and it won comprehensively, proving that it can deliver more revenue at a better cost, manage our budgets more accurately and provide a simpler interface for the team to use.”

Paul Carmichael, Digital Marketing Director, La Redoute