Once upon a time: Facebook timeline and brand stories

Posted: Friday 9th March 2012 in Retail Strategy, Thought Leadership.

Coca Cola launch Facebook Timeline

Four words, five simple syllables, once upon a time has been at the heart of storytelling for generations and with the launch of Facebook’s timeline on brand pages it’s now going to be at the heart of how your company engages with your customers.

Once upon a time Facebook Pages were basic. We only had an opportunity to fill in our information, post a picture and highlight a new sale, the sort of tactics a retailer may use within the first five minutes of you entering a store. Fast forward and retailers need to be more than marketers or customer service experts when it comes to their social media strategy, they need to be storytellers. They need to be able to tell their story in an interesting and compelling way and they need to be able to integrate customers into the story.

Behind Every Brand is a Brand Story

Did you know that Macy’s first opened as a “fancy dry goods” story? I didn’t but I found this out because their Facebook timeline now plots their ‘humble beginnings’. People connect to stories and they’re the best way for your brand to position itself in the mind of the consumer. What does your brand story tell your customers about you?

Adding Personality to Your Brand

When Jack Cohen founded Tesco, he got his name from combining the initials of tea maker T.E. Stockwell and the first letters of his own surname, forming the word TESCO. This insightful quip was taken from Wikipedia but shows the interesting people and stories behind some of our most famous stores. The whole mechanism of social media is people connecting with people and their stories. This is now becoming the case for brands too. What personality can you bring to your products, your service and your brand?

Go Back but Also Concentrate on the Present

The launch of Facebook timeline on brand pages has focused on looking back but brands need to also concentrate on the now. Everything you post on your Facebook page now informs your timeline. Retailers need to plan their social media engagement carefully for this new feature. Do you really want a post about your umpteenth sale this month to form part of your company’s legacy?