Maximise your peak profits with remarketing lists for search ads

Posted: Thursday 18th December 2014 in Paid Media, Thought Leadership.
Remarketing lists for search ads

Remarketing lists for search ads can help you stay ahead of the competition this Christmas

Written by Amy Finnegan-Dehn 
Client Manager 

In the run up to Christmas peak, competition for the top paid search positions increases exponentially. As a result, retailers have to increase their max cost per click (CPC) in order to achieve top of page positions, or risk missing out. We have observed that this has increased CPCs by an average of 55% since the beginning of November.

During this crucial period, a well-structured RLSA (remarketing lists for search ads) strategy can help drive and improve the overall efficiency of paid search campaigns, allowing retailers to remain competitive and relevant when bidding on returning site visitors.

Segmenting your traffic

RLSA allows you to segment your traffic and become more targeted about who you are driving to your site. By creating lists, for example ‘convertors’ or ‘basket drop outs’ as well as the more generic ‘all site visitors’, you can target your qualified customers by applying bid adjustments to upweight or reduce targeting when they trigger for your search terms. Using this method you can expect to see increases in average position and click through rate, while maintaining or increasing conversion rate.

With the conversion window for Christmas shopping gradually closing, now is the time to utilise lists with smaller durations so you are capturing the most recent site visitors. You can also shorten your lists during this crucial period in order to target people who have been browsing pages that you identify as key.

Targeting key customers

For example, you could utilise custom combination lists to target people who have visited a ‘clothing’ page in the last 7 days but have not converted. You can then retarget those shoppers who continue to search for related products. This will allow you to add a positive bid adjustment to these visitors and increase your average position whilst remaining efficient.

Other types of lists that can be created to promote conversion are as follows:

  • Convertors – customers who have converted in a set time period
  • Basket drop out – people who have reached the basket page and not converted
  • Category page viewers – people who have browsed specific category pages
  • Convertors of – people who have converted in specific areas

These more granular lists will help limit the traffic you are paying increased cost per click for, meaning your budget is spent in the most effective way. Over the busy festive trading period every penny counts, and a good RLSA strategy could be the key to maximising your peak profits.


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