Is the Christmas peak still to come?

Posted: Wednesday 4th December 2013 in Retail Strategy, Thought Leadership.
Is the Christmas peak still to come?

Is the Christmas peak period still ahead of us?

The press has been full of Black Friday and Cyber
Monday record sales stories but I don’t believe this is
the last of the Christmas sales peaks we’ll see this
season. There are two major factors at play that I think
will come together to create another peak; the warm
weather and shoppers’ trust in deliveries from online

The weather

Weather is always a major factor in retail sales. Cold wet springs and sunny summers have all impacted the industry this year, and now the slow warm roll into winter has meant less need to wrap up, scrape the car or light the fire, leaving retailers with flat or below average sales for this time of the year. I predict that more shoppers will shop for themselves as well as for loved ones over the next four weeks spiking sales higher than previously. I also predict that the Boxing Day sales will be bigger than last year as more shoppers move to scoop up in-season products that they didn’t need in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Reliable delivery

The second factor that I think will contribute to a bumper 4 weeks leading up to Christmas is shoppers’ increased confidence in the delivery of online purchases. Rather than spend weeks trawling through shops, more and more are window shopping online and placing orders closer to Christmas.


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