Innovation – transform the way you think about your business

Posted: Tuesday 15th May 2012 in Retail Strategy, Thought Leadership.

Transform the way you think about retail

Reatil Innovation workshop for the eCommerce Futures Conference 2012


This workshop will make the case that retailers have to be innovative to succeed and show examples of some of the latest developments in the retail industry. It will challenge delegates to think differently about their business, introduce an innovation framework and encourage an innovative approach to transforming business performance.

Competing solely on price, range, location and even brand is no longer good enough and the retail revolution has already begun. Customer expectations have never been higher and they increase every day as consumer technology advances at an astonishing rate. They no longer tolerate average.

Retailers have to innovate to simply stand still in a fiercely competitive landscape, you have to transform the way you think about your business in order to be successful in the future. There is no other way.

We will look at some of the key innovation drivers, techniques and areas that retailers need to really examine closely. We are seeing the re-invention of retail. Creation of content with emotion is where the customer experience is heading. This means data, social and real time personalisation, not easy but essential in the new world.

What have we got to think differently about? Here are a few examples…

  • Massive changes in behavior between generations X and Y mean things will never stop changing. There is no going back. What do we do?

  • Businesses place too much emphasis on negative thinking; Risk Committees, Audit Committees, what might go wrong? How about what might go right?

  • The Board-how about some young people, customers, staff instead of the normal model?

  • Leaders need to think like a customer, how many decisions are made because that’s how IT systems and supply chains work? Change them. New businesses will (or not have them at all!)

  • Customers’ relationship with the shop – consumers wants a different, more personal experience than online. If not, why bother? You have to differentiate now more than ever.

  • The ever increasing use of mobile in our lives, what do you do beyond a mobile site and an app?


Delegates will participate fully in the session, debating views, exchanging ideas and sharing experiences. Join us for a truly innovative experience!