Google Enhanced Campaigns | 3 Top Tips

Posted: Tuesday 26th March 2013 in Paid Media, Thought Leadership.

Enhanced campaigns will make important changes to AdWords

When Google enhanced campaigns were announced at the start of February, I gave my initial view on the impact of this new release into AdWords. Since then there have been many articles and blogs written about the pros and cons. As this has been done to death, I am going to give you my 3 top tips:


1. Test and learn:

With 3½ months to EC Day, it is important to get insight into how enhanced campaigns will work for you. At Summit one of the key objectives of the test and learn period is to understand the impact on our process, reporting and technology, to ensure that we are in the best position to migrate to these campaigns.

2. Understand the impact of these changes and phase your rollout to enhanced campaigns:

One of the objectives of the test and learn process is to understand the impact that enhanced campaigns will have on reach and performance. Many of our retail clients have multiple AdWords accounts by product category split by device. With the rollout not until the end of June 2013, there is plenty of time to maximise your tablet and mobile specific campaigns prior to full adoption. Remember – once you have rolled out your campaigns, there is no turning back!

3. Don’t forget the added extras:

A lot of the talk within the industry has been about the mobile bidding strategy, however there has been little mention of the additional benefits including geo-location bidding. For multichannel retailers, the location based bidding may be able to offer a differentiator, enabling retailers to bid more based on store location and product availability. Not forgetting site links! They can be mobile preferred, scheduled, reviewed, reported and optimised on an individual basis allowing us to closely match the changing trends within the landscape.


Watch out for my post Easter update!