Google boosts Shopping service with updated Adwords Editor

Posted: Thursday 10th July 2014 in Paid Media, Thought Leadership.
Google Shopping update

Google has updated Adwords Editor in order to increase its Shopping functionality

Google has released a new version of Adwords Editor that increases its Shopping campaigns functionality, allowing users to bulk upload cost per click and destination URL, exclude or include products, and import and export changes via xml, csv or html.


Why is the Google Shopping update important for retailers?

Users can now work offline, checking their changes before uploading into the live environment. Deleted ads will be ignored, and the user’s experience is likely to be a much cleaner one. Being able to bulk upload and edit campaign settings is a positive change in terms of time management, and allows agencies and retailers to manage their Shopping campaigns at scale, saving valuable resource.

This user friendly update is encouraging for retailers, as it suggests that Google are willing to respond to customer feedback and make some of the suggested changes. It also reemphasises Google’s focus on the development of the Shopping channel, as we have described in recent blog posts:

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What is the impact of the new Adwords Editor update?

This is a solid step towards the mass automation that some agencies and retailers may yearn for. Users will be offered the flexibility to manage the accounts and account structure how they see fit, with resource no longer being a massive determining factor. This will free up time for advertisers on account management, allowing them to concentrate on understanding their market, using the Adwords tools available (benchmark cost per click, click through rate, etc.), evaluating the competition and developing their own propositions.

This new development will also allow users to move forward in developing technological solutions for the mass automation of Shopping campaigns, like we see for paid search and the old Product Listing Ads setup.

Hopefully the next update will introduce the ability to amend and create account structures and feed information (such as labels), besides API support for doing all of the above automatically; one of the last pieces in the jigsaw.

Dan Upson, Shopping Comparison Manager at Summit, says, “It’s a step in the right direction to providing the professional advertiser the support they need to manage vast product portfolios at scale, however there are still upgrades required to get it to where we need it to be.” 


What actions should retailers take?

Download the new version of Editor, familiarise yourself with the new settings and functionality and get using it. Templates may be required to allow bulk uploading, so identify the format for these and produce them early to save even more time later down the line.


“I’d say it’s an important improvement but there are some limitations yet in terms of the ability to manage and manipulate the Adwords structure via the Editor directly.” – Gonzalo Alboreca Martinez, Client Manager, Summit.