Google Analytics Certified Partner Summit 2012

Posted: Tuesday 13th November 2012 in Events and Awards, Thought Leadership.

Summit are one of the worldwide certified Google Analytics certified partners

Summit are one of less than 250 Google Analytics Certified Partners (GACP) worldwide, and once a year all of them are invited to Mountain View, California to discuss all things new in the world of GA and to hear Google announce what exciting plans they have.

Some of what was presented was strictly confidential for GACP ears only, but one thing I can definitely share with you is that Google put on a terrific free breakfast buffet (and lunch, and dinner, and after-conference free bar!)

Anyway, you’re no doubt reading this expecting some kind of insight into what Google announced (rather than the food they put on) so here’s a brief list of some of the new features coming to GA in the near future:

Universal Analytics:

The biggest announcement of the weekend was the introduction of what Google have coined “Universal Analytics”, a collection of new technologies aimed at giving users more information to measure their site performance and visitor behaviour. The main aim of this is to move analytics away from being ‘session-focused’ (where each session is treated almost in isolation) to more ‘user-focused’ approach. One of the most exciting parts of this is the ability to send data to GA from not just browsers, but point of sale systems, call centres etc… and use GA to analyse all this data.

Attribution Modelling:

Something which Summit already do extensively with clients, Google are catching up with their own attribution modelling offering to all GA users to allow investigation to how to get the best return on spend.

Cost Data Import:

Imagine being able to import your own cost data into Google Analytics and look at ROI for all channels, not just AdWords…well now you can, using the new cost data import API!

All in all, definitely worth the 24 hours in aeroplanes, 3 hours of train travel, 2 hours of driving and a 6 hour layover in Amsterdam!

 If you want to know more about how to get the most out of Google Analytics for your business then please get in touch.

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