Posted: Monday 11th September 2017 in News, Retail Strategy, Thought Leadership.

In this week’s Essential Retail Roundup we look at the state of retail from the perspective of Deloitte, Mary Meeker and the Global Web Index. This edition provides extensive reports and stats on the top 50 retailers, voice search, the impact of user generated content and the growth of social commerce in the online purchase journey.

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

Mary Meeker’s annual internet trends report which was delivered at the Code Conference in California includes invaluable information on smartphone usage, voice search, and internet ad spend.

Here are some of the highlights:

• Global smartphone growth is slowing: Smartphone shipments increased 3% YoY in 2016, versus 10% in 2015.
Voice is beginning to replace typing in online searches. 20% of mobile searches were voice activated in 2016
• 2017 marks the first time that internet ad spend is expected to overtake its TV equivalent.
• Effective user generated content (UGC) can generate 6.9x higher engagement than brand generated content on Facebook
There are 2.6 billion gamers in 2017 versus 100 million in 1995. In 2016 global gaming revenue was estimated to be circa $100 billion
• The Chinese market continues to evolve, with huge growth in mobile services, as well as services like on-demand bike sharing.
• Internet users in India grew by more than 28% in 2016.


GWI Commerce report

From WeChat to “Shop Now” buttons social commerce continues to be a key growth area for retailers looking to optimize the online purchase journey. 34% of Europeans say they mainly use Social Media when researching brands, products or services (rather than Search Engines).


Global Web Index reports the following findings:
4 in 10 internet users aged 16-64 are turning to social media to research new brands or products.
4 in 10 consumers follow their favorite brands on social

If you’re looking for information on online commerce behaviors and engagement levels the latest GWI Commerce report is a good place to start. The report draws on data from research among over 50,000 internet users aged 16-64, focusing on:

• The countries and demographics that are driving online commerce
• The role that PCs, laptops, mobiles and tablets are playing in online purchasing
• The changing dynamics of how people are paying for products
• The potential and current impact of social commerce
• Purchasing behaviors in specific categories
• How and why online purchases are being completed

For more information, download the full GWI Commerce report 

Global Powers of Retailing 2017 Report

Deloitte’s 2017 Global Powers of Retailing identifies the 250 largest retailers around the world based on publicly available data for FY2015 (encompassing companies’ fiscal years ended through June 2016), and analyzes their performance across geographies, sectors, and channels. It also provides a look at the world’s 50 biggest e-retailers and the 50 fastest-growing retailers.

Here are the key takeaways:
• Wal-Mart continued its long-held dominance as the world’s largest retailer in the number one position
• Walgreens Boots Alliance is placed as the world’s fifth-largest retailer
• Aldi’s aggressive expansion in the UK, Australia, and the US contributed to an estimated double-digit sales increase for the hard discount chain.
• Less is More: Customers are defining themselves less by how many things they own and more by how curated their lives are in terms of possessions and experiences
• The “following” economy: Customers are seeking products that reflect the personal brand they promote on social media
• Exponential living: Exponential technologies are changing how we live and how we shop

Download the Global Powers of Retailing report




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