Driving incremental sales through relevancy

Posted: Monday 14th February 2011 in Retail Strategy, Thought Leadership.


Dynamic performance display ads generated by a shopper's previous activity

The journey from initial search to final checkout can lead consumers down many paths. The research process will often run across multiple retail sites, numerous product review sites and several comparison shopping venues.

Throughout this process, which can last for several days, the consumer will be distracted by more general web searches and inevitably lose sight of some of the retailers and products originally visited.

If the consumer could be reminded, during this “off-piste” activity, of relevant product offers from the brands already visited, return visits and incremental sales would be likely to follow.

Performance display advertising delivers “traditional” banner-type advertising (featuring full branding, product images and pricing details) across a network of high-traffic websites – but with a twist.

These ads are dynamic, which means they can be set up to show only relevant products based on what the customer looked at on the retailer’s website. For example, if a shopper looked at a particular brand of mobile phone, as they move around online they will be presented – in a highly visible but non-obtrusive manner – with relevant product offers featuring that particular brand and/or other similar models.

Impressions are bought via a real-time auction in the same way as paid-search clicks are bought on Google. Creative is then generated using similar feeds to those required when powering comparison shopping engine campaigns, and so are updated in real-time depending on stock availability and price. Our 10 years of PPC and comparison shopping engine optimisation experience puts Summit in a superb position to make this work for all of our clients. We know the players, we know the technology, we have the insight and all the experience we need.

It’s time to make the move into the next frontier of incremental sales. Are you ready?