Don’t forget mobile SEO

Posted: Monday 26th September 2011 in Owned and earned media, Retail Strategy, Thought Leadership.

Mobile SEO best practice needs to be built-in to your platform

As mobile browsing to retailers’ websites continues to increase, it’s important to understand which marketing channels should be used to drive traffic to your mobile site.

Our initial findings demonstrate that search will be the primary battleground. For the many retailers that don’t have an optimised mobile site, building SEO into your site needs to be at the heart of the design and development phase.

Early signs of best practice suggest that this is not a massive departure from the principles of traditional site design, with the core values of SEO still required.

The nuances of mobile SEO include:

  • Different search term behaviour – fewer characters and words are used for a search query.
  • Site response times – need to be significantly quicker, with a 20kb maximum page size recommended.
  • Local search optimisation – becomes a more important discipline for multichannel retailers
  • Mobile specific Site Maps – created and submitted to search engines to help them find your site

Over the coming months, it will be important to understand whether mobile-specific platforms will dominate the mobile search landscape and whether any differences emerge. In the meantime, building SEO best practice into your mobile platform is key to not only developing natural search rankings, but also in providing a platform to allow paid search activity to be carried out.