Posted: Wednesday 25th May 2016 in Events and Awards, Paid Media, Retail Strategy.

What’s changing?

Google shook the world of search advertising with the launch of Enhanced Campaigns in February 2013, when it took away the control of advertisers to bid at keyword level on individual devices. On the 24th May 2016, Google announced at their Performance Summit in San Francisco that marketers will once again be able to control their ad exposure and coverage for search on desktop, tablet and mobile. This change by Google is part of a series of changes announced designed to move towards a ‘mobile first’ world.

What are the specifics of the change?

Currently within Google Adwords you manage your search coverage through assigning a combined keyword level bid to desktop and tablet, with a mobile bid adjustment applied to your base level desktop and tablet bid. When this change comes into effect, it will allow advertisers to use performance data to decide which device is most important to them and then choose this device to manage at keyword level as the base bid; flexibility which is not available today. For the other two device types, you will be able to assign individual bid adjustments, giving you further control.

What is our view?

We welcome this change. Back in 2013, we felt that aggregating desktop and tablet went against what the data was telling us about customer behaviour across individual devices. Performance levels varied across each device and this is still very much in evidence today. This change is a significant step in allowing marketers to decide when and where best to invest your search budget to deliver the best possible returns. At Summit we view this change as a key part of a customer-first approach to digital marketing.

How we are supporting this change?

We are working closely with Google to understand more specific details of the change, including when this will be made available and how it will work alongside ad scheduling and location bid adjustments.

One of the biggest impacts of this change will be on Forecaster, Summit’s predictive analytics powered marketing intelligence platform, and specifically how we optimise bids (and adjustments) across devices. While our models have been constructed to be flexible, our Forecaster research and development team will use historic data to understand any further evolution required to maximise on the greater flexibility this change will give us.

Following the significant growth in revenue from mobile devices since the introduction of Enhanced Campaigns, we see this change as positive step for Forecaster, allowing us greater control over the devices which work for you, leading to better overall performance across device and improved ROI.

Once the change comes into place we will closely monitor the landscape to ensure our solution continues to deliver maximum returns for our clients.


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