Desktop search vs. mobile search – what’s the deal?

Posted: Tuesday 28th August 2012 in Paid Media, Thought Leadership.

Is Mobile the winner?

Is This the Year of The Mobile?

The biggest statement which has haunted digital marketers in recent years is: ‘This is the year of mobile.’

I can remember walking into one of our retail clients five years ago stating, on the advice of our Google representative, that a mobile search strategy was a ‘don’t leave home without it strategy.’  Thinking about it now, we may have been slightly ahead of the game… however; I can now safely say that THIS YEAR is definitely the year that mobile changes everything.

Year-On-Year Search Growth

Based on the accessibility of Smartphone technology and affordable internet price plans, growth is hardly a surprise. However, the level of growth and the rate that mobile search share is closing in on desktop search is one that cannot be ignored. According to the British Retail Consortium and Google Retail Monitor, searches have increased year on year by 113 per cent with 20 per cent of all Google searches now mobile.

Missing Mobile Equals Missed Opportunity

In 2011, I could see that mobile traffic from our retail clients was increasing at a significantly higher rate than sales and conversion rate. Retailers were not prepared for this influx of traffic. Missing mobile is a missed opportunity, which is why I actively support mobile platforms as a fundamental part of the retail digital store presence to ensure online and offline sales are maximised.

What’s Next?

Responsive website design is now recognised as the most effective way of serving a site for multiple devices. With Mobile Paid Search and SEO best practices in place, the next key stage is to understand how customers traverse across devices and how mobile supports offline sales for retailers. We already have one piece of the jigsaw complete for some of our retail clients … tracking across multiple devices will not be too far behind.

The key message for retailers is ‘opportunity’: the mix of mobile devices can only be good news for retailers in the future.  Stay tuned for Part 2 of Desktop Search vs. Mobile Search – what’s’ the deal?

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