Cyber weekend, this year falling on 25th-28th November, refers to the annual post-Thanksgiving period of in-store discounts and online mega-deals incorporating both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Cyber weekend is not a new phenomenon; however, customer behaviour is changing each year. With this in mind here are some top tips for the days ahead to help maximise your online marketing activity:

   1. Don’t put your eggs in one basket – there is so much hype around Black Friday, being the biggest grossing revenue day in 2015. Many believe, however that Cyber Monday could overtake Black Friday this year. Ensure you have a budget plan which is responsive to performance throughout the weekend and that you can have access to additional funds

   2. Trade your activity hard – it’s not enough to make changes in advance of the day. Ensure that you have clear checkpoints throughout the day, reviewing spend and performance levels and ensuring you are in a position to change your activity to respond to price and stock changes. Communication between retailer and agency partner(s) over this period is integral to success

   3. Be on competitor watch – retailers may look to steal your market share across your branded search activity as demand increases over this period. Ensure you are monitoring your impression share across all devices and engines and react appropriately. Don’t rest on your laurels and assume you will stay in position one

   4. Remember the multi-channel journey – cyber weekend started out as an online phenomenon, however retailers’ online and in-store pricing and advertising strategies are now typically aligned. Ensure that your online marketing is supporting the multichannel customer, with mobile and local campaigns being prominent over lunch periods, evenings and the weekend

   5. Once it’s gone … it may return – panic buying will be rife over the next few days, and this will naturally lead to product returns. Understand your products’ lifecycles coming back into stock and ensure they are immediately published back to your top performing media partners