Comet’s Neil Collins Joins Summit

Posted: Friday 9th March 2012 in Events and Awards, News, Retail Strategy.

Neil Collins

Following 12 years at leading UK electronics retailerComet, Neil Collins has joined Summit as a Senior Client Director. Neil will bring his vast retail experience to Summit and work as part of our London-based team.

Speaking about his experience with agencies and his move to Summit, Neil said: “I have worked with a variety of marketing agencies over the course of my career – direct marketing, advertising, media buying, research and digital agencies – and I feel that broadly speaking they can be categorised in to two types; ones that focus on their business, and the ones that focus on your business. The best do both but leave the client feeling the latter and I’ve always admired Summit for this.”

During his time at Comet, Neil worked alongside Summit for four years and oversaw a variety of work from a technical and marketing perspective. This hands-on experience of working with Summit combined with his enthusiasm for our history both played an important part is his move, “Summit did a great job for Comet through the use of good people and online technology. I always admired Summit’s roots and how it evolved, but equally how they managed to maintain this by putting enthusiastic and dedicated people at the heart of everything they did. They also showed great aspirations for growth. I know Summit endeavour to stay on the pulse of everything that is exceptional, interesting and challenging within retail and I knew this was fertile ground for me to develop my technical know-how in the context of retail business.”

Neil’s first task at Summit is to add his years of retail experience to Summit’s wide range of online marketing services. Via workshops, training and development, Neil will support Summit’s retail expertise providing staff with valuable insight around all aspects of how a retailer operates.

On the future, Neil added: “Summit’s focus is sharp. It’s a retail specialist in a vertical that I have a lot of experience in, but also one that I have a desire to learn more about. My plan is to ensure that I continue to be a significant part of something great. What that looks like is a bit early to tell but my strengths are in new ideas and leadership so it should involve me being a thought leader in order to help refine Summit’s future path.”