Attribution modeling: which online channels influence purchase decisions?

Marketing Week Live 2012

Presenting at London’s Digital Marketing Week 2012 Hedley Aylott joins forces with Matt Roberts, Ecommerce Digital Marketing Controller at Argos, to demystify this strategic digital marketing tool.

Summit presents with key client, Argos, their findings on attribution modeling to industry experts in a fully booked session at London’s Digital Marketing Week 2012. Attribution modeling – examining the behaviour of online shoppers and the customer journey that leads to a sale – can be a minefield of misinformation for marketers. In a keynote session on 28 June, Summit Chief Executive Officer, Hedley Aylott joins forces with Matt Roberts, Ecommerce Digital Marketing Controller at Argos.

Hedley and Matt will demystify this strategic digital marketing tool, using real case study examples from the successful Summit-Argos business partnership. They will explore how Argos have used attribution modeling in their digital strategy to measure the output of their various advertising and marketing channels to achieve maximum ROI.

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Due to popular demand, this session is already fully booked.

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