A day at the Digital Shoreditch Festival

Posted: Monday 11th June 2012 in eCommerce Technology, Events and Awards, News.

Digital Shoreditch Festival

What Is Digital Shoreditch?

Digital Shoreditch was a two week festival aimed at celebrating ‘creative, technical & entrepreneurial talent’. Each day was different, with the focus moving from a careers day to innovation. I attended the event day entitled ‘Next’ in order to see what the future holds for technology both on and offline, in particular mobile.

The event was held at Big Top in Shoreditch High Street. Upon entering I could feel the buzz amongst the attendees and a received a warm welcome from the staff. Walking through the dim lighting of the Big Top, it suddenly opened up to the speakers area which was really prominent with all focus in the room clearly on them.

Free Wi-Fi posters covered the walls, ensuring even the busiest of digital gurus could keep up to date with emails on their BlackBerrys & iPads in between the talks.

Who was speaking?

There was a number of interesting and varied talks during the day. Qualcomm spoke about their innovation in helping to facilitate getting electric cars out to the mass market by having on-the-go charging under road surfaces whilst Intel told us how the next phase of Ultrabooks will be able to recognise when you enter an airport and instantly bring up departure information for the user.

The sessions were short and snappy, around 15 minutes each, which meant there was not long enough for anyone to get bored and the speakers had to ensure to talk about the cream of what they see happening in the coming years.

Would I Recommend it?

Although many of the sessions did not relate directly to my role at Summit, I found the day very entertaining and having the chance to take some time out and think in a different way was very refreshing. I would recommend this event for management level only and above as some of the sessions got quite technical. The organisers of the event were full of enthusiasm which really made the day fun and informative for all.