A cross-channel state of mind


During a typical customer journey a shopper may interact with a variety of marketing channels

But this does not necessarily mean they are carrying out cross-channel marketing.

Cross-channel means exactly that, it means the co-ordination of a consistent message across more than one channel.

But is this just a petty distinction? I don’t think so.

Cross-channel is an attitude as well as an approach. It means you’ll plan across the online channels rather than think about them in silos; it means you’ll want to compare those channels and that makes it more likely that you will insist on consistent tracking and reporting.

A cross-channel attitude will lead you to consider how the shopper will react to your messages wherever they come across them online. And once you think this way, you can begin to improve the effectiveness of your online marketing mix through techniques such as attribution modelling.

One of the keys here is to find a way to compare data like for like across all the channels. This doesn’t necessarily mean using one agency to provide all of your online marketing activity but it does mean developing a common set of conversion rules.

When retailers start to think cross-channel they open up all sorts of possibilities for improved ROI online.

And that’s no petty distinction.

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