3 content basics that are affecting your revenue

Posted: Friday 23rd January 2015 in Owned and earned media, Thought Leadership.
Content basics

When it comes to content it’s essential to get the basics right

For online retailers, getting the basics right should be at the top of the to-do list, however sometimes the most basic of tasks can be overlooked. The popular term ‘content marketing’ refers to
all the exciting and creative campaigns that brands and agencies create. This can range from interesting editorial content that is hosted onsite to comprehensive online PR campaigns incorporating infographics, videos and surveys. With the content marketing trend currently taking hold of every aspect of the internet, going back to basics to achieve a best-in-class SEO
site can unfortunately get neglected – but unless you can affectively optimise your site in order to achieve a good position on the search engine results page, your more exciting content may never see the light of day. And anyway; who said a page title can’t be interesting?..

Below you can discover the most important content basics which if implemented correctly will have a direct impact on your brand’s revenue:

1. Page titles

A page title is the most important ranking factor on a page for SEO, as it is the first visible description of your page and appears in three key places; browsers, search engine results and social media listings. A good page title should be within Google’s guidelines of between 55-60 characters and should include researched primary keywords related to the page.

Note: Avoid ‘keyword stuffing’ your page title – natural is always best!

2. Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions do not directly influence SEO rankings, however they do influence customers. The aim of the meta description is to be compelling to a customer to encourage them to click through to the page, therefore improving your click through rate. The best meta descriptions are unique, describe the page accurately and include a call to action.

Note: A meta description should not exceed 160 characters.

3. On page content spots

Google loves content and the more relevant content the better. The purpose of an ecommerce site is to sell things, so retailers really need to promote their products with content within category and sub category pages. Retailers should aim to create informative and engaging content on their site to benefit their customers as well as SEO. These content spots should read naturally, include relevant keywords and internal links to other areas of the site.

Note: Relevancy is the key to on page content.


For all areas of content it is important to remember you are writing for humans with search engines in mind – not the other way round.


Case Study: BHS Primary Content Optimisation


The content optimisation that we carried out for BHS was really simple and easy but it had a huge impact on BHS’ search rankings and revenue performance. The content optimisation process included carrying out relevant keyword research within Google Adwords to re-write customised page titles and meta descriptions for two product categories.

The tactics used to create the content included 3 simple steps:

  1. Taking the time to research relevant and unique keywords for each page
  2. Writing bespoke and natural page titles, meta descriptions and on-page copy for each page
  3. Looking at key paid search insights such as creative ad text to optimise the content


Although optimising primary content is time consuming it is definitely beneficial and should be an important part of any retailer’s SEO strategy. Due to the content optimisation we carried out for BHS they saw higher search engine rankings, more traffic, and ultimately an increase in revenue of 73% across the categories.


In summary

Following best practice for the content basics can seem a laborious task, especially as results will not necessarily be visible overnight, or even within weeks of implementing the changes. However, very slight changes in these areas gradually improve rankings for each page and the website as a whole, resulting in more brand visibility, better click through rate and more sales.

If you would like to know more about SEO best practice or want to find out how we can help you make more money online, contact Dave Trolle on (01482) 876 876.