Multi-Channel Retail Strategy – Where are we going?

We will help you to define your entire multi-channel retail strategy, not just online. Our experience will identify opportunities, new retail technologies and challenges you will face along the way. More importantly we work with you to deliver the strategy, avoiding the landmines on the way.

  • Define the retail strategy and a roadmap to deliver it
    We help you determine the optimum strategy for your business and use our expertise to guide you through every step in the journey, picking the best route and avoiding the classic pitfalls along the way.
  • Build business case for investment
    Our team will work with you to evaluate options and then build the killer business case with you. We look at every option on the cost side including ROI, Total Cost of Ownership and financing models. A forensic approach to the claimed benefits delivers a robust business case fit for the retail boardroom.
  • Evaluate impacts on the wider business
    We really understand how online retail deeply affects the whole organisation from IT systems, supply chains, marketing, organisational structures, store operations and buying, and the pitfalls to avoid. Learn how to spot new opportunities and develop clear plans to exploit them. We are experienced in advising retailers what to expect and how to embrace the change.
  • Develop the marketing strategy and optimise budget
    The marketing strategy has to work in harmony with the eCommerce and wider business plans. We guide you through the vast array of options in the market and give you an insider’s perspective on all the marketing channels, emerging retail technology and trends.
  • Determine the optimum customer proposition
    A total review from a customer perspective, we cover all angles including; Site, Usability, Design, Performance, Pricing, Range, Marketing, Fulfilment, Services, Social/Mobile and Competitor Analysis. You will get a detailed, prioritised Improvement Plan.
  • Perform competitor analysis as benchmarking /evaluation
    Detailed review of your major competitors’ customer propositions, strengths, weaknesses and areas to target with a benchmark against your own business, a real eye opener.
  • Select the most appropriate retail technology
    Navigation through the technology minefield, what works and what doesn’t and what is the best fit and value for your business. What to buy and what to pay. Totally independent advice.
  • Review fulfillment strategy
    Delivery is crucial in multichannel retailing, get it wrong and you probably won’t get another chance, but it is often neglected until something goes wrong. We make sure the retail strategy fully caters for all delivery and returns requirements from the start.

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