Business Improvement – Immediate opportunities

This is all about delivering rapid business improvement in retail with minimum cost and quick payback. Whether it’s improving marketing effectiveness or making IT more agile at a lower cost, we have done it and can take you through the process quickly.

  • Customer Proposition Evaluation/Health Check; Site, Usability, Design, Performance, Pricing, Range, Marketing, Fulfilment, Services, Social/Mobile, Competitor Analysis, Improvement Plan
  • Fully evaluate marketing performance
    Structured audit capabilities mean we can show you what is happening with your spend, what works and what doesn’t, where to invest and where to scale back.
  • Identify and deliver quick wins
    Quick low/no cost improvements identified and prioritised to deliver rapid ROI and a step change in performance without major surgery. We identify the improvements and then deliver them.
  • Agree priorities for improvement
    Once the quick wins are delivered we will identify the next stages and help you plan how to deliver them in the most cost effective way.
  • Managing delivery
    We don’t give you a list of issues, take our fee and walk away, we commit to managing the change and delivering the real bottom line benefits.
  • Review of cost base and options
    A complete analysis across your eCommerce cost base and practical suggestions around cost reductions/realignment, investment priorities and improved procurement processes.
  • Evaluation of team building and team structure
    Benchmarking of your team, their capability, experience, opportunities for improvement, knowledge and skills gaps, training requirements, recruitment assistance and delivering the right organisation structure and leadership model.
  • Review of 3rd parties performance
    We have vast experience across the retail industry to quickly review the performance of your key suppliers and help you renegotiate contracts, SLAs, KPI and get better value for money.

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