Performance Checker

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Are pages loading fast enough to keep the consumer engaged?

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How does your eCommerce & mCommerce sites compare to industry best practice and your competitors.

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Find out what functions requre optimisation to improve conversion.

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Sell more

Faster sites with improved conversion sell more products!

How does it work?

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Test key pages

We run a variety of tests to assess how quickly your key pages load in the browser.

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Industry Benchmarking

Your site is benchmarket against eCommerce & mCommerce industry best performance criteria and your key competitors.

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Identify areas for improvements

For Magento sites only, the report identifies where the main issues are and attributes a weighing to indicate how severe the impact is. The three areas reviewed are hosting, front end and configuration.

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Sample report

The report is displayed on screen anda also emailed to you. It includes tips on what you can do to improve performance.

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Check any eCommerce & mCommerce platform

Any eCommerce & mCommerce site can be analysed using the Performance Checker. For Magento sites a breakdown of exactly what is causing the performance issues is provided.

It's free to use

This testing tool is our way of sharing the insight we've gathered over the past 8 years of building high performance eCommerce sites. Of course we'd be pleased to help you solve any performance issues uncovered by the report. Learn more about Summit's eCommerce services here.