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Managing your product feed is difficult. Add to that the need to optimise your feed depending whether you’re sending this to shopping partners, affiliates or performance display providers and you have a retail headache that can only be solved by slow manual process. SummitFEED removes this headache by offering a robust feed management platform that allows retailers to manage, optimise and distribute their product inventory to the web.

SummitFEED enables intelligent automation of product feeds via real time campaign optimisation. As market conditions change so does your product feeds allowing you to automatically add/remove feeds depending on performance or stock level as well as continuously optimise the campaign.

SummitFEED for Retail – Summit Expertise

SummitFEED enables retailers to produce one product feed for all their partners

Built to make life easier and put an IT function into the hands of a retail marketing team, SummitFEED makes product feed management and optimisation more efficient and effective.

A part of our Stingray tools suite, SummitFEED brings significant benefits. It can:

  • Easily manage your feed – manage your single product feed in real time via a single marketer-centric interface.
  • Reduce optimisation time – enabling retailers to produce one product feed for all their shopping and comparison site partners is both beneficial and cost/time efficient. Feeds can also be optimised to individual categories, i.e. home entertainment vs. computing.
  • Removes the need to manually change/manage/optimise product feeds – manually managing your product feeds requires time and resource. SummitFEED removes this need and allows retailers to add products/feeds without any intervention from IT and make changes quickly.
  • Maximise the potential of your Google Shopping feed – many retailers fail to make the most of Google Shopping but SummitFEED allows retailers to optimise this channel for the products that matter like product titles, product descriptions and landing pages. SummitFEED also enriches PPC listings with product extensions within an ad.

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