Marketing technology for retail – the Summit difference

Marketing analysis and insight combined with technological know-how

As the UK’s only retail-focused digital marketing and eCommerce specialists, we understand the importance of technology to the success of your business. But we do much more than capture your technical requirements and write code.

Summit combines marketing analysis and insight with technical know-how. To ensure your business is as successful as possible, we’ve developed a range of marketing technologies that allow you to:

  • Track and manage your pay-per-click (PPC) and other campaigns, across multiple channels
  • Collect and analyse data from all activities, including social media, to gain marketing intelligence
  • Generate data-rich, insightful reports offering recommendations for action

Marketing technology for retail – Stingray

Stingray provides an unduplicated view of your customers

Stingray is our tracking, reporting and marketing suite of applications and tools. It gives you a single, real-time interface to your direct response channels – an unduplicated view of your customers’ journeys.

This means you can manage and optimise your activities in PPC, SEO, social media, comparison sites and the affiliates space – all from within this one integrated platform.

Thanks to Stingray’s speed, accuracy and user-friendly interface, you reduce the time required for reporting and analytics and gain fast, easy access to the following:


  • PPC
    • Bid management – lets you run checks on key terms related to your brand and products, ensuring your affiliates are not in breach of your terms and conditions.
    • Portfolio manager – allows you to use a product feed and Google API to automatically refresh your entire PPC campaign (including creative messaging and keywords) each day against stock, price and margin.
    • Keyword harvester – analyses your current keywords and proposes additional ones using its synonym engine.
    • URL checker – regularly checks the availability of all your PPC landing pages, as well as the stock they are advertising, before alerting you.
    • Account auditor – using over 60 best practice guidelines to assess the hygiene and effectiveness of your PPC accounts, this auditing tool automatically reviews each one and updates you on its status.
  • Social media listening – we track your brand mentions and sentiment across social networks then apportion the information into appropriate categories before generating data-rich reports.
  • Shop – our SummitFEED software automatically populates – and removes – multiple product feeds, across multiple locations (e.g. comparison sites and markets) according to their performance, saving you time, reducing your reliance upon IT resources – and the associated costs – and allowing you to optimise your campaigns in real-time as market conditions change.
  • Affiliate rewards – we use container tags to reward affiliates for their contribution to your sales, based upon agreed conversion rules.

Stingray in practice – Comet

Their challenge

Comet wanted a method of using their ever-changing portfolio of products and prices to drive their PPC campaigns to deliver better conversion.


Our solution

Taking a direct feed from Comet, Stingray’s Portfolio Manager was used to create a PPC campaign accurate to the minute in relation to stock, price and availability.


The results

Comet saw an immediate upswing in weekly sales from PPC, improved click-through rates and a reduction in budget wastage.


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